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About TYD Innovation Incubator


Mentorship stands as a bridge towards letting people understand who they are, what they are capable of, and inspiring them to identify their opportunities and take them aboard to create their own employment or rather shape them become very competent to their carrier, hence easily sold to the employment market.

Despite the availability of many high and Tertiary education learning institutions, Tanzania faces the challenge of delivery of hands-on skills that can prepare a candidate to acquire practical skills of the pursued knowledge. That situation creates even more unappealing environment for most graduates because they do not feel set to face the employment challenges.

Different efforts have been initiated to curb the situation; amongst different initiatives are the Innovation Incubators. Although these Incubators are doing wonderful job to embrace the talented young, they are yet not enough to serve the purpose for all disciplines, thus a large population of people talented in different lines of knowledge are left out.

Apart from technologies, high and tertiary learning institutions provide knowledge in Economics, Agriculture, Social works, Education, Nutrition, Business, Political Science, etc. TYD is going to take care of any other sector, given be the need of the society.

In due strategy of developing skills for youth, TAVODET conceived an idea of establishing a Start-up Innovation Incubator, which was named TYD Innovation Incubator, was established in 2017.